The Bovine Fury

Phoenix rock band The Bovine Fury released their second full length album titled Yes, Please. This album was recorded and mixed at their house/practice space and is entirely DIY.

About Us


The Bovine Fury came together in 2010. They are Matt Heath (drums), John Lipfert (guitars/vocals) and Christine Lipfert (bass/vocals/keys). John Lipfert has recorded their two albums, Eleven By Twelve (2012) and Yes, Please (2015). John and Christine have been playing in bands around the valley since 1999.

Our writing process is very collaborative; often ideas for songs are generated from jams. We then use what we call "audiolizing" to figure out where to take the part and develop the song. There's a lot of whiteboarding, recording practice sesions, and reflection.


Album Releases

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Yes, Please
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Eleven By Twelve
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