The Bovine Fury

Nov 12, 2015

We have some exciting shows coming up. Our next gig will be Friday, Dec. 11th @ Rips Ales and Cocktails. We're excited to be playing with The Pleasure Victims! These guys and gal have a great sound and will keep you wanting more. Come check this one out, you won't be disappointed. Free show and lots of great beer on tap at Rips!

Come join us for The Bovine Fury Christmas @ Prankster's Too in Scottsdale on Thursday, Dec. 17th. We'll be playing with the masked villians in Kid Dynamite and The Blast! This venue has sand volleyball, games, bar app's and plenty of brew's on tap. I'm hoping Santa will make an appearance, I've got a long wish list this year!

We have been hard at work writing material for our next record. It's definitely a progression from our last record and we are excited to play some new songs for you at our upcoming gigs. We are also looking for opportunities to promote our latest release. So please contact us if you’re interested in booking the band for any upcoming events, pool parties, festivals or any activities involving have a good time and live music.


About Us


The Bovine Fury came together in 2010. They are Matt Heath (drums), John Lipfert (guitars/vocals) and Christine Lipfert (bass/vocals/keys). John Lipfert has recorded their two albums, Eleven By Twelve (2012) and Yes, Please (2015). John and Christine have been playing in bands around the valley since 1999.

Our writing process is very collaborative; often ideas for songs are generated from jams. We then use what we call "audiolizing" to figure out where to take the part and develop the song. There's a lot of whiteboarding, recording practice sesions, and reflection.


Album Releases

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Yes, Please
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Eleven By Twelve
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    with The Pleasure Victims

    FridayDec. 11, 2015
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    The Bovine Fury Christmas

    with Kid Dynamite and The Blast

    FridayDec. 17th, 2015